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David Castrucci, Founder, President/CEO

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Pavel Romanovsky, Vice President of Offshore Operations

Pavel G. Romanovsky is a seasoned technical business leader in Russia with a very broad experience in software development and deployment. Pavel has held senior positions in companies of all sizes in Russia and has specialized in US / Russian Software development.

In June 1995 he was sponsored by the US Department of State and the Vermont Small Business Development Center to travel to the U.S. and live in Vermont for 3 months working at IDX Systems, a 600 million dollar software company.  This is when the relationship between David and Pavel started. Pavel and David became friends during this time which was the basis for Coretomic to start and grow successfully.  In the fall of 2001 Pavel was granted an internship with SABIT, (Special American Business Intern Training Program) sponsored by the US Department of Commerce to further his expertise of Russian / US software development.

Pavel has held positions of Director of Marketing at a mid sized software development company, Head of the Analytical Department for a Development and Senior Consulting company focused on helping the World Bank and the European Commission on Y2K solutions, and Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Computer Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1979 Pavel earned his diploma with honors in Applied Math from Yaroslavl Demidov State University School of Mathematics and in 1991 he earned his PhD in Computer Science from the Institute for Computer Science of Russian Academy of Science, Yaroslavl Russia.

Pavel has worked with David since the very start of the company and has been highly successful in identifying, hiring and managing the entire team in Russia.

Robert Cartelli

Mr. Cartelli is an accomplished Internet professional both in the educational arena and in applied practical applications.  He has held such prestigious positions as Dissertation Advisor at The International College (THINC) of The University of Wales. He has been an Adjunct Professor for Colorado Mountain College (CMC) Summit Campus where he developed a project-based introductory e-business course for delivery during the 2007 spring semester.  He was an adjunct and assistant professor for both the Undergraduate and Graduate programs at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont.  He taught Strategic Planning for Web-Driven Businesses in the college's master's degree program, Managing Innovation and Information Technology (MSMIIT).  He worked with Program Directors and faculty to develop and teach courses in the college’s E-Business and E-Commerce and Management programs. Developed and taught classroom-based and online courses. Courses taught during the 2004-2005 academic year including Internet, Information & Business (EBC110), Retail Internet Businesses (EBC 310), Net-Based Business Relationships (EBC 410), Entrepreneurship (MGT 120) and he mentored visiting professor from the college's Mumbai, India campus.

Mr. Cartelli has personally launched dozens of websites and has practical experience managing web based operations of all sizes. His experience in both practical and education is a wonderful mix to run the Coretomic Interactive University.


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